Student Transfer Form


This information must be completed as part of the registration process, then the activities director must complete the MSHSL online transfer request before the students eligibility will be determined. This process will take between 4 days and two weeks.

9th grade students who transfer to Esko Public School and attend on the 1st day of school in the fall are NOT considered transfer students. 9th grade students who transfer to EHS after the 1st day of school ARE considered transfer students and must complete the form.

All of the above information is accurate and I understand that my answers to these questions will determine my eligibility; I have not misrepresented my situation or presented any falsehoods to obtain a favorable determination.

A residence change is defined as every member of your family making a complete residence change from the previous address to the current address. Has every member of your family moved from your previous residence to your current residence? If you have not moved residence then please check 'no' and be aware that you will not be eligible for varsity for one calendar year.*